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BPS Response to Osagi Bascome Murder Trial Not Guilty Verdict

Tue, 2024-01-23

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Derricka Burns of the Serious Crime Unit - "It is crucial to acknowledge that the investigation into the tragic death of Mr. Bascome has been a meticulous and thorough process.

Detectives were not only professional, but also diligent with their investigation into this matter and ensured that no stone was left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

Despite the outcome of the trial, we express our appreciation to and commend the prosecution for their unwavering commitment to presenting the evidence deliberately and establishing a compelling case.

We respect the integrity of the judicial process and accept the court's decision.

It is important to remember that while the court has reached its verdict, this case has brought great grief and loss to the family and loved ones of Mr. Bascome.

We extend our deepest sympathies to them during this difficult time. Their pain and loss are immeasurable, and our thoughts and support remain with them.

We appeal for the community to remain vigilant and support one another during this healing process. It is essential that we come together as a community to show empathy and understanding, as we navigate the aftermath of this trial.

While there are currently no further suspects in this matter, the Bermuda Police Service encourages anyone who may have additional information that could bring closure to this case to come forward and make contact with us."

Drugs Seizure: Investigation Ongoing

Mon, 2024-01-15

The Bermuda Police Service has commenced an investigation into the discovery of multiple cannabis cultivation plots in the eastern end of the island.

Police were alerted to the location of a “grow site” in the St. George's area on Friday, January 12th, 2024.

Officers attended the location and further inquiries led to the discovery of additional sites.

One hundred and thirty-eight mature plants have been seized so far, and the investigation into this matter remains ongoing.

We urge anyone with information about cannabis cultivation or drug supply in their community to call the main police number, 295-0011. You may also share the information with a police officer you know or, via the Community Reporting Portal at,

Robbery Witness Appeal: Walker Christopher Jewellery Store

Sat, 2024-01-13

Around 1:12 p.m. on Saturday, January 13th, 2024, police received a report that a male had entered the Walker Christopher Jewellery store on Queen Street, in the City of Hamilton and used a hammer to smash a showcase.

The suspect then grabbed a quantity of jewellery and fled the scene on the back of a motorcycle driven by another male.

The suspect is described as about 5’10” tall, of stocky build.

The motorcycle rider was described as being approximately 6’2” tall and light complexioned.

An investigation into this incident is now underway.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Dawn Hector by calling 515-2594 or via email

You may also call the Criminal Investigations Division on 247-1744.

Alternatively we encourage you to speak with a police officer you know or share the information by visiting the community reporting portal at

1st Road Fatality of 2024: 17-Year-Old Jeremiah Phillips

Mon, 2024-01-08

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) can now confirm the identity of the victim in that fatal road traffic collision which occurred this past weekend, as 17-year-old Jeremiah Phillips.

Mr. Phillips succumbed to injuries sustained in the collision which occurred around 3:30 a.m. yesterday, Sunday, 7th January, 2024, on Verdmont Road, just south of the junction with Verdmont Valley Drive, Smith’s.

At the time, Mr. Phillips was riding a motorcycle with a pillion passenger travelling north along Verdmont Road.

He was negotiating a sweeping left hand bend when the motorcycle he was riding became involved in a collision with three other motorcycles travelling in the opposite direction.

His pillion passenger, a 15-year-old male, remains listed in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

A 19-year-old male who was riding one of the other motorcycles involved in the collision was attended to at hospital for his injuries and discharged.

The BPS has begun an investigation into this matter and anyone with information, is asked to contact PC Victor Fishington on 717-0836 or, via e-mail at

You may also speak with a police officer you know or, call the main police number 295-0011.

A BPS Family Liaison Officer has been appointed to assist the family of the deceased during this difficult time.

We extend to them, our sincere condolences.

Car Overboard North Shore Road, Smith's Parish

Sun, 2024-01-07

Around 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, 7th January 2024, Police and Emergency Medical Services were dispatched to a single vehicle road traffic collision involving a private motor car on North Shore Road, Smith's near Penhurst Park.

It was reported that the motor car was traveling westwhen the driver lost control of the vehicle which, went through the railing and landed partly in the water near the dock at Penhurst Park.

The male passenger wastransported to hospital by fire personnel for treatment for his injuries which were not considered serious.

Fatal Collision Witness Appeal: 1st Road Death of 2024

Sun, 2024-01-07

Around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 7th, 2024, police and other first responders were dispatched to a reported serious road traffic collision, involving four motorcycles, on Verdmont Road, just south of the junction with Verdmont Valley Drive, Smith’s.

One bike, ridden by a 17-year-old male with a 15-year-old male pillion passenger in tow, was reportedly traveling north on Verdmont Road toward Middle Road, when it was involved in a collision with the three other bikes which were all traveling in a southerly direction.

The rider and pillion passenger of the bike traveling north, sustained life-threatening injuries in the collision. The rider was unresponsive and EMTs began performing life-saving efforts as the two were transported by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately, the rider succumbed to his injuries a short time later. At last check the pillion passenger was reported to be in critical condition.

The male 19-year-old rider of one of the other bikes sustained non-life threatening injuries to his hand and leg. At last check he was being attended to for his injuries at hospital.

The other two riders, also males, one 18-years-old, the other 19-years-old, were not reported to be injured.

An investigation into this, the first fatal road traffic collision of the year, has begun and anyone with information, is asked to contact PC Victor Fishington on 717-0836 or, via e-mail at  You may also speak with a police officer you know or, call the main police number 295-0011.

Reported Serious Three Vehicle Collision in Southampton

Sat, 2024-01-06

Around 5:50 PM on Saturday, 6 January 2024, police and other first responders were dispatched to a report of a serious three vehicle road traffic collision on Middle Road  near the Port Royal Esso service station.

Initial reports suggest that a motorcyclist, traveling in an easterly direction, collided with a motor car that was negotiating a right hand turn into the service station, and was thrown into the path of another motor car.

The motorcycle rider was transported to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment of suspected head injuries, the extent of which is not known at this time. There were no other reported injuries.

Traffic is being diverted, using a single lane system. Delays are to be expected while the scene is being forensically processed.

Anyone who may have witnessed this collision is asked to call Constable Dinell Bean on 211 or email

Residents Urged to Remain Vigilant for Online & Phone Scams

Fri, 2024-01-05

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) continues to urge residents to remain vigilant regarding online scams and phone scams. While such scams are always evolving, most use similar tactics involving social engineering, which can be defined as all techniques aimed at persuading someone to reveal specific information or perform a specific action, for illegitimate purposes.

Air of Legitimacy, Enticement & Pressure to Act Quickly

Be extremely wary of any unexpected correspondence sent from official-looking e-mail addresses, offering cash or other prizes. Similarly, it is wise to be suspicious of any e-mail claiming that an online account will be locked/deleted, or has been compromised.

Fraudsters often call/text suddenly using similar methods, portraying themselves as an official representative of a local bank or an authorised agent of a well-known global company. In addition, an unreasonably short deadline is almost always imposed by the con artists, making it more likely that unsuspecting individuals will provide their personal information, i.e. names, birth date, banking details and login credentials.

Red Flags

Emphasis on the need to take action urgently.

Unexpected e-mails from unknown/random senders that require clicking on any links or attachments.

Offers via call, text, e-mail or social media that seem too good to be true – especially those that require submitting personal information to claim.

Practical Tips

Don’t install any software recommended by an unknown caller or e-mail sender.

Hang up on callers who ask for personal information and either call the business to confirm if there is a problem, or contact the police for advice.

If possible, use two-step verification for important online accounts.

Check your bank account(s) regularly for any unusual activity.

Don’t click on links and attachments in e-mails from unknown senders.

Report any suspected fraud to the relevant bank and the police immediately.

Family members and friends are urged to update their senior citizen relatives with this information, as seniors are often targeted by swindlers.

To make a police report regarding suspected fraud, please call 211 or visit the BPS community reporting portal at

Retirement of Constable Michael Redfern & Constable Timothy Evelyn

Fri, 2024-01-05

After almost 75 years combined service, police Constables Michael Redfern and Timothy Evelyn, have retired from the Bermuda Police Service (BPS).

Both officers were recently recognised by Commissioner Darrin Simons for their hard work, dedication to duty, leadership and mentoring as well as their commitment and dedication to service.

Michael "Mick" Redfern will be well remembered for his time as a senior investigative officer who worked on and helped solve a number of high profile cases along with helping to train up so many young officers helping them to hone their skills as detectives.

Timothy "Timmy" Evelyn is also well known among his colleagues for his high standards of policing and his efforts to ensure they too meet and do not deviate from those standards.

Having made his mark in several areas of policing but most notably as a member of the Roads Policing Unit, Mr. Evelyn's willingness to pass on the knowledge and experience gained after more than thirty years with the BPS has helped ensure the newer members of the BPS are well prepared to meet the mandate of making Bermuda safer.

Constable Michael Redfern & Constable Timothy Evelyn with Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons


Operation Vega Statistics (Q4 2023)

Wed, 2024-01-03

Figures recorded as part of Operation Vega in the 4th quarter of 2023, show impaired driving continues to be a troublingly prolific offence. Of note, 2023 witnessed the highest number of impaired driving arrests over a three-year period.

Robert Cardwell, Acting Superintendent, Tactical Support Division stated: “We must move away from a culture where impaired driving is acceptable. It must be heavily frowned upon and be of concern to us all in order that the necessary change in thinking can be achieved.”

“The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) reminds the motoring public that just as it is against the law to drive while under the influence of alcohol, it is also an offence to drive whilst impaired through drug use. Driving while under the influence of drugs, whether illegal or prescribed, means you are driving whilst impaired. The BPS will this year act to significantly address the issue of drug impaired driving.”

Speeding also continues to rank high among traffic offences reported. We are also concerned by the number of people operating vehicles which are uninsured, unlicensed or both and persons operating vehicles while not having a valid driver’s licence.

Mr. Cardwell added: “We continue to encourage motorists to comply with traffic regulations and drive responsibly. Don’t wait until you’re somehow impacted by impaired driving before you take action against it and please, slow down. We urge you to work with us and do your part to make our roads safer for all residents and visitors.”

In this period – 4th Quarter (1/10/23 to 31/12/23) the break-down of traffic offences reported is as follows:

OFFENCE:                                                      October           November        December

Impaired Driving                                          14 (-2)              25 (+11)             31 (+6)

Speeding                                                       111 (-54)          155 (+44)          171 (+16)

Unlicensed Vehicle                                      19 (-5)              47 (+28)             64 (+17)

No third party insurance                              16 (-2)              33 (+17)             54 (+21)

No Driver’s license                                       14  (-9)            31 (+17)              59 (+28)

Manner of driving                                        0 (-3)               10 (+10)              12  (+2)

Disqualified                                                   2 (-0)                9 (+7)                  1 (-8)

Traffic Sign                                                    21 (-25)            80 (+59)             44 (-15)

Seatbelt                                                         7 (+3)               3 (-4)                   2 (-1)

Helmet                                                           0 (-2)               7 (+5)                   12 (+5)

Handheld device                                          0 (-4)               6 (+6)                   1 (-5)

Defective vehicle                                         0 (-0)                3 (+3)                  4 (+1)

Fail to give name/address                         0 (-2)                0 (+0)   1             0 (0)

Fail to Stop                                                   1 (-1)                5 (+4)                  4 (-1)

Fraud Docs                                                   1 (+1)               1 (+0)                   2 (+1)

Making False Statement                            0 (+0)               1 (+1)                  1 (+0)

License Plate offence                                 0(+0)                0 (+0)   0              0 (0)

Tint Offence                                                 0 (+0)               0 (+0)                   0 (0)

Youth License Offence                               3 (+3)               0 (-3)                   1 (+1)

Parking                                                          250                  156                      267 (+111)

MAN                                                              41                     74                        48 (-26)


2021 - 170

2022 - 229

2023 – 263



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