Appeal Dismissed Regarding Former Police Officer Oswin Pereira

July 8th 2021 - The BPS welcomes today’s finding by the Court of Appeal in rejecting the recent application on behalf of former police officer Oswin Pereira, who was dismissed without notice in January 2020 for matters of gross misconduct.


Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley today stated:


"This is the second occasion the BPS have dealt with appeals in relation to this matter and I welcome the Court of Appeal’s agreement that the decision by the police conduct panel, chaired by Mr. Alan Dunch, in January 2020, was correct.


There has been much publicity given this case in the media, with the published judgment now articulating in detail the circumstances of this matter.


It is essential the public have trust and confidence in police officers and it is right that the BPS sought to defend the conduct panel’s original decision to dismiss Mr. Pereira without notice which has today been upheld by the Court of Appeal."

<p>Former Police Officer's Appeal Dismissed</p>