Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers

A Brief History of Crime Stoppers

Most major crimes are solved not by brilliant investigation on the part of Police, but as a direct result of information provided by the public. Many residents, however, are reluctant to provide this information for two main reasons - fear and apathy.

CRIME STOPPERS was designed to overcome these barriers. For those afraid of retaliation, a system was created that would allow callers to CRIME STOPPERS TO REMAIN COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. And for those who were apathetic, cash rewards are provided for information leading to the solution of a major crime.

The idea as conceptualized first by police detective Greg MacAleese was sound, but also provided the potential for abuse without community involvement. Enter the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors


The Board of Directors represents the community in the tripartite coalition between law enforcement, the community and the media.

As a non-profit organization, the Board is recognized by the Courts as the legal entity representing CRIME STOPPERS. It is responsible for monitoring the CRIME STOPPERS operation.

The Board through its fund-raising committee, also raises reward funds, meeting monthly to determine what reward amounts callers should receive. Board members are drawn from all walks of life - housewives, retired persons, professionals - all working for a common goal: To make CRIME STOPPERS successful.


CRIME STOPPERS was first started in 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1979 CRIME STOPPERS was officially launched, and a year later, the first annual conference of the organization was held.

In 1983, the name changed yet again, to reflect the major growth and development of the organization, and CRIME STOPPERS INTERNATIONAL was born.



Now there are more than 950 programmes in 18 countries and U.S. territories. By the end of this century, CRIME STOPPERS is expected to be fully operational in more than 50 countries. 425,000 crimes have been solved since 1976. and $2.9 billion worth of stolen property has been recovered. Bermuda is one of the newest recruits!

You can help the men and women of our Police Service, HM Customs, HM Prisons, Fire Service, Immigration and the Park Rangers who are constantly involved in a concerted effort to reduce crime in our community.


CRIME STOPPERS of Bermuda allows callers to remain completely anonymous and can offer cash rewards to members of the public who assist our law enforcement agencies to apprehend individuals who make crime their career within our community.

800-8477 (800-TIPS) is answered by professionally trained personnel in Miami, which ensures anonymity.



P.O. Box HM 2711
Hamilton, HM LX