Advice to Seniors: Be Wary About Disclosing Banking Details

July 12th 2021 - The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is once again advising our seniors not to provide their banking information to unknown individuals.


In one recent incident, a senior was contacted by an individual via WhatsApp and led to believe they were the recipient of a substantial sum of money.

However, in order to collect the funds, the senior was advised they would have to make a transfer from their account to another at a local bank.


The senior followed the instructions, only to be duped out of a significant amount of money.


A report was made to police and an investigation into this matter has now begun.


The BPS urges seniors, if you are contacted about your finances by someone, other than a trusted relative/friend, do not provide them:


•                     any information about your money.

•                     your bank account number.

•                     any information about your bank cards.

•                     your bank card number or your PIN number.

•                     your phone number, address or any of your personal information.


If you feel unsure, about someone contacting you regarding your financial information:


•                     Do not engage in conversation with them.

•                     Inform your financial institution.

•                     Contact the Police at 911.

<p>Seniors: Be Wary Disclosing Banking Details</p>