Tourist Safety Tips

Tourist Safety Tips

Bermuda has a low to moderate crime rate and this is reflected in the Island's annual crime statistics. Incidents of serious, violent crime are infrequent but thefts, assaults and stealing from homes, tourist accommodations or persons do occur. Valuables in hotel rooms (occupied or unoccupied) or left unattended on beaches or at other tourist venues are more vulnerable to theft.

The vast majority of offences are crimes of opportunity, so it therefore makes sense to take reasonable precautions to reduce your risk of becoming the victim of a crime.

1. When at your hotel or guest accommodations, use the hotel or room safes, if available. DO NOT leave items of value in plain view.  
2. Secure your room at night and when you are out for the day.  
3. When traveling through the island on rental mopeds, secure all your items in the basket or carrier provided. Cover it, if necessary, to prevent your property from being stolen or lost in transit.  
4. When at the beach or other tourist venue, never leave items of value unattended.  



When walking at night, use main thoroughfares that are generally well lit.

When attending a nightclub or bar, use common sense and never leave your drink unattended.

Bermuda is a small community with many neighbourhoods. If, in your travels, you walk or ride into an area where you feel uncomfortable, then leave as quickly as you can.

Reduce the chance that you may become a victim of crime by maintaining a full awareness of your surroundings.


Should you have any concerns about your safety while on the Island, contact your hotel or guesthouse security manager. The local Police Service is available 24 hours a day and work from various Stations across the Island. Should you wish to report a crime or incident, then call the Police at your earliest convenience.

Police Telephone Number: 295-0011
For Any Emergency: Dial 911