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Vehicle Fire

Thu, 2005-04-28

Around 11:30pm on Thursday, Police attended a report of a vehicle on fire. The Bermuda Fire Service also attended the scene with one appliance and five firefighters. On arrival, officers spoke with the owner of the car. She stated that she parked her car on Roberts Avenue in Devonshire at 8:30pm.

Injury RTC

Wed, 2005-04-27

At 1:40pm on Wednesday, Police attended a reported road traffic collision resulting in injury on Somerset Road in Sandy’s parish, near the junction with Broome Street. It appears that a silver Peugeot was traveling west on Somerset Road when the driver lost control of the car, striking a red Daihatsu traveling in the opposite direction before colliding with a wall, causing the Peugeot to overturn.


Tue, 2005-04-26

Around 2:50pm on Tuesday, Police attended Horseshoe Bay beach on South Road in Southampton following a reported theft. On arrival officers spoke with the complainants, who are American visitors to the island. The visitors stated that around 1:15pm they were swimming near Chaplin Bay when they observed a man on the beach running up an embankment carrying their black ‘Oakley’ backpack.


Mon, 2005-04-25

Around 6:30pm on Monday, Police attended a reported theft from Devil’s Hole Hardware on Devil’s Hole Hill in Smith’s parish. On arrival officers spoke with the complainant who stated that around 5:45pm a man entered the store and asked about air compressors. The complainant informed him that there were none in the store.

Fatal RTC

Sun, 2005-04-24

Around 3:20 this morning, Police attended a serious road traffic collision on South Road in Warwick near the junction with Rocklands Road. It appears that an auxiliary cycle was traveling east on South Road when the rider lost control of the vehicle, colliding with two taxis traveling in the opposite direction. As a result of the collision the victim, a 29 year old German national, sustained head injuries.

Fatal RTC

Sun, 2005-04-24

The Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the death of 29 year old Andrei Holling. Mr. Holling, a German national contract worker, sustained head injuries in a serious road traffic collision on South Road in Warwick around 3:20 this morning, and was pronounced dead by an on-call physician at the scene.


Sat, 2005-04-23

Around 1:45 this morning, Police attended a reported assault at the White Hill Club on Middle Road in Sandy’s parish. It appears that the victim, an 18 year old Warwick man, was at a function at the club with friends when he went to purchase drinks. As he did so, he was attacked by a young man with a machete. The suspect and victim are known to each other.



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