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Robbery Suspects Arrested

Tue, 2023-07-04

Around 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 2nd, 2023, an 18-year-old male attended Hamilton Police Station and reported that he was robbed of his motorcycle at knifepoint on South Road, near the junction with Collectors Hill, Smiths.

The 18-year-old male told police he was riding west along South Road, Smiths, when three motorcycles travelling in the same direction pulled up to him as he approached St. Marks Church.

The man kept riding west along South Road, when upon approaching the traffic lights at the junction of South Road and Collectors Hill, one of the cycles overtook him and blocked his path causing him to stop. A pillion rider on one of the cycles then brandished a knife and demanded he hand over his cycle.

Acting on information provided, officers attended the area. While on patrol, they observed the suspects riding a separate stolen motorcycle.

The suspects, a 16-year-old male and a 17-year-old male led officers on an extensive chase and were later intercepted.

They were each found to be in possession of a knife. They were arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Unit have commenced an investigation into the robbery report and anyone with information on this matter, is asked to contact Detective Constable, Jenea Smith on 717-2290 or, via email -

You may also call the main police number, 295-0011, provide the information via the Bermuda Police Service Community Reporting Portal at or speak with a police officer you’re familiar with.

Alternatively, please call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477.

Operation Vega Update for June 2023

Tue, 2023-07-04

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell, Tactical Operations Division – “Bermuda Police Service (BPS) statistics show reported collisions in 3 of the 4 recorded categories for the 2nd quarter of 2023 (damage, slight injury and serious injury) are down, compared to the 1st quarter of 2023. However, fatal collisions recorded in the 2nd quarter increased by 2, compared to the 1st quarter.”

Additional Statistics

From 1st January until 30th June 2023, 140 motorists were arrested for impaired driving – 14 in January, 27 in February, 25 in March, 21 in April, 30 in May and 23 in June. In comparison, for the same six month period in 2022, a total of 95 motorists were arrested for impaired driving.

During the month of June 2023, 330 traffic tickets were issued by the BPS, up from 284 issued during May 2023. In addition, 48 motorist advice notices (official written warnings) were issued in June, down from 50 in the previous month.

June also saw 275 parking tickets issued, up from 175 parking tickets issued the month before.

Since the start of Operation Vega (6th July 2021), a total of 10,153 traffic tickets have been issued. The breakdown of ticketed traffic offences for June 2023 is below. The change compared to May 2023 is provided in brackets.

Speeding                                        188 (+110) Speeds ranged from 58 kph to 90 kph.

Traffic sign                                      32 (-2)

Unlicensed vehicle                          33 (-12)

No third party insurance                 27 (-13)

No driver’s licence                         22 (-10)

Manner of driving                            2 (-7)

Disqualified driver                           7 (+6)

Seatbelt                                            6 (-17)

Helmet                                             3 (+1)

Handheld device                              4 (-1)

Defective vehicle                             3 (+2)

Fail to give name/address                0 (0)

Fail to stop                                       1 (-2)

Fraudulent documents                     1 (-2)

Making false statement                   0 (0)

License plate offence                      1 (-7)

Tint offence                                     0 (0)

Youth license offence                     0 (0)

Ceremony Held to Celebrate BPS & BRP Officers’ Achievements

Fri, 2023-06-30

At a ceremony held 5pm Wednesday, 28th June 2023, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) and the Bermuda Reserve Police (BRP), recognised nine officers – two for their promotion (one to Inspector, the other to Sergeant), three for their voluntary long service culminating in retirement and four for completing their initial voluntary policing training.

Dignitaries, family, friends and colleagues were in attendance at the Police Recreation Club hall in Prospect, Devonshire for the occasion.

The newly promoted BPS officers are:

Inspector 709 Sharnita Tankard

Sergeant 2381 Marina Jn Pierre

Inspector Tankard and Sergeant Jn Pierre were officially promoted by Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons. A female loved one of each officer, invited from the audience by Commissioner Simons, assisted him with putting epaulettes on the relevant officer’s shoulders, signifying their new rank.

Inspector Tankard joined the BPS in 1987 as a Cadet and then became a Constable in 1989. She was later promoted to Sergeant in 2009. She has worked as a parish officer, but most of her career to date has been involved in the specialised investigation of crimes relating to the exploitation of children, locating missing persons as well as handling cases of senior abuse and neglect, within the Vulnerable Persons Unit. Inspector Tankard also offers her technical expertise to the Serious Crime Unit during sensitive investigations, while providing support to relevant Government and community agencies.

Sergeant Jn Pierre joined the BPS as a Constable in 2008 after serving with her home Royal St. Lucia Police Force since 2003, where she graduated top of her class (Baton of Honour recipient) and received the physical fitness award for outstanding female. With varied policing experience in St. Lucia and Bermuda, she currently performs the role of patrol Sergeant in the Community Policing Division at Southside Police Station. Outside of policing, Sergeant Jn Pierre is a professional bodybuilder with the International Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB) Federation.

The retiring BRP officers are:

Reserve Constable 1047 Clayton Fleming (after over 37 years’ service)

Reserve Constable 1113 Millard Rawlins (after over 35 years’ service)

Reserve Constable 1262 Carmel Amory (after over 26 years’ service)

Commandant Ron-Michel Davis presented plaques to retiring BRP officers Fleming, Rawlins and Amory for their dedicated voluntary service, which combined, totalled almost 100 years.

Reserve Constable Fleming joined the BRP on 4th February 1986 and has been an active and committed member, with admirable leadership and character qualities. He reached the rank of Sergeant during his service and spent most of his time voluntarily assisting the marine police, but frequently performed land based duties as required.

Reserve Constable Rawlins joined the BRP on 1st January 1988. He reached the rank of Inspector, even serving as Acting Chief Inspector for periods and provided immeasurable support to the Roads Policing Unit team as a qualified laser speed detector operator, as well as a truck driver. Also, Reserve Constable Rawlins has featured in many local and international BRP events.

Reserve Constable Amory joined the BRP on 14th April 1997. During his service he actively engaged in frontline operational policing and in recent years was also a valuable Roads Policing Unit team member as a qualified laser speed detector operator, as well as a truck driver. Similarly, Reserve Constable Amory has featured in many BRP events.

The latest BRP officers to successfully complete their initial training are:

Reserve Constable 1571 Randolf Bakabak (Academic award recipient)

Reserve Constable 1572 Holly Lavigne-Smith (Unable to attend Wednesday’s ceremony)

Reserve Constable 1573 Tahirah Simmons (Best overall recruit and Baton of Honour recipient)

Reserve Constable 1574 Krislyn Lambert

Commandant Davis also presented the four latest Reserve Constables to complete their initial training with certificates. They started as BRP recruits on 10th April 2023.

When asked prior to Wednesday afternoon’s ceremony about their decision to volunteer, each expressed their pride to wear the uniform and a desire to serve.

Reserve Constable Bakabak: “I will wear my police uniform with utmost pride as it would be an honour to serve this country and give back to the community that has given so much to me.”

Reserve Constable Lavigne-Smith: “I feel honoured and proud to be able to represent the Bermuda Police Service as a Reserve Police officer.”

Reserve Constable Simmons: “I look forward to enabling the enforcement of justice, helping people in need and to making a difference in my community through my work.”

Reserve Constable Lambert: “I understand what is expected of me in my role as a Reserve Police officer and I intend to meet each challenge and obstacle with professionalism, an open mind, strong judgement and a commitment to not only serving Bermuda, but to being an example for others in the community to emulate.”

Official photos were taken at the conclusion of the ceremony with dignitaries including Minister of National Security the Hon. Michael Weeks JP MP, Permanent Secretary for National Security Lt. Col. Edward Lamb (Ret.), Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons, Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes, Assistant Commissioner Antoine Daniels, Commandant Ron-Michel Davis, Acting Deputy Commandant Mikkel Harris and Reserve Inspector Shawn Russell.

Last photo courtesy of Dexter Flood.

Multi-Million Dollar Drug Seizure During Joint Operation With H.M. Customs

Tue, 2023-06-27

Close to three million dollars’ worth of controlled drugs were seized in a recent joint operation involving the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) and H.M. Customs.

On Thursday 22nd June, 2023, police, in conjunction with H.M. Customs, conducted “Operation Porcini”, after the BPS Drugs Unit were called in when officers from H.M. Customs intercepted a shipment found to contain the controlled drugs MDMA (ecstasy), shatter and cannabis.

The drugs seized had an estimated street value of $2.9 million BDA.

Officers from the BPS Tactical Division and Drugs Unit, led by Detective Inspector Barker, later arrested a 45-year-old man, and executed search warrants at properties in Pembroke and St. George’s in relation to this matter.

Acting Detective Superintendent Sherwin Joseph, who is currently in charge of the Crime Division, stated:

“This is a significant seizure, which has prevented a substantial amount of controlled drugs from being distributed into our community.”

“The drug ecstasy, in particular, can cause severe impairment and permanent brain damage. In some cases, ecstasy use can lead to stroke, heart attack and death.”

"We will continue to work tirelessly with H.M. Customs to identify and disrupt the importation, sales and distribution, of illicit drugs."

“The success of Operation Porcini demonstrates the effectiveness of our joint efforts and unwavering determination to keep our community safe.”

No further information will be provided at this time. The BPS Drugs Unit continues investigations into this incident.

Mental Health Incident

Tue, 2023-06-27

Whilst on patrol duty in the Crawl area, North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish this morning (Tuesday, 27th June 2023), police officers encountered a male who appeared to have been experiencing a mental health episode, standing in the roadway.

Those initial officers remained inside the marked patrol car and slowly approached the subject, who jumped onto the bonnet of the vehicle, then climbed onto the roof.

Other officers attended the scene and assisted in bringing the male under control, before transporting him to the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, using another police car.

The first vehicle was left with minor damage, (small dents), to the roof and bonnet.

There have been no reports of anyone being injured during this incident.

Ninth Road Fatality of 2023: 17-Year-Old Michael Spence-Durrant

Thu, 2023-06-22

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) can now confirm the death of 17-year-old Michael Spence-Durrant, Bermuda’s ninth road fatality of 2023, and extends sincere condolences to his family and friends.

It is now believed that Mr. Spence-Durrant was seriously hurt when the motorcycle he was riding out of Dockyard along Malabar Road, Sandys parish struck a concrete bench in a grassy area near the junction with Heydon Road, around 3:37am Tuesday, 20th June 2023.

He was conveyed to Port Royal Fire Station in a private vehicle for medical treatment, before being rushed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance.

However, despite all lifesaving efforts the teen, understood to have been a Warwick resident, was pronounced dead later Tuesday morning.

A BPS Family Liaison Officer continues to provide relevant support to Mr. Spence-Durrant’s family.

The appeal continues for any witnesses, or anyone with information about the circumstances, to contact Constable Victor Fishington of the Roads Policing Unit on 247-1788 or e-mail

Alternatively, please share any information that you may have with a police officer you’re familiar with.

In particular, persons who were travelling along Malabar Road, Sandys parish near Heydon Road at or around the time of this fatal collision – or those who may have assisted immediately after – are once again urged to come forward.

Tenth Road Fatality of 2023 [Updated]

Tue, 2023-06-20

Shortly after 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023, police and other first responders were dispatched to a reported single vehicle road traffic collision, involving a motorcycle, at the junction of Southside Road and Stocks Road, Saint George’s.

Initial indications are a male motorcycle rider was travelling west on Southside Road when he appears to have collided with the kerb and was ejected from the motorcycle.

He was attended to at the scene by Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service personnel until the arrival of EMTs.

He was subsequently transported by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The Bermuda Police Service is aware that already, there is footage of the victim at the scene, being circulated on social media.

We are appealing to you to please have compassion for the family and loved ones of the deceased and not forwarded these images on. Instead, should you receive these images, immediately delete them from your device.

We are asking that anyone with information or, who may have witnessed this incident, which marks the 10th fatal road traffic collision this year, to please call the Roads Policing Unit on 247-1788 or, the main police number 295-0011.

The collision scene is currently closed off to vehicular traffic while it is being forensically processed. Diversions are in place on St. David’s Road.

Update: Monday, 31st JulyThe Bermuda Police Service (BPS) can now confirm the death of 48-year-old Marvin Dyer, Bermuda’s tenth road fatality of 2023, and extends sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Mr. Dyer was seriously injured in a reported single vehicle collision that occurred around 6:15pm Tuesday, 20th June 2023, when the motorcycle he was riding apparently struck a kerb, at the junction of Southside Road and Stocks Road in St. George’s.

Despite all lifesaving efforts, he was pronounced dead later that evening, Tuesday 20th June 2023, at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

A BPS Family Liaison Officer has been providing relevant support to Mr. Dyer’s family.

The investigation continues and any witnesses that have not already come forward, or persons with pertinent knowledge about the circumstances of this fatal collision, are encouraged to contact Constable Kevin Medeiros of the Roads Policing Unit on 247-1788 or e-mail

Alternatively, please share any information that you may have with a police officer you’re familiar with.



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