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Teen Male Arrested, Suspected Illegal Drugs Seized

Mon, 2023-10-16

An 18-year-old man was arrested and a quantity of suspected illegal drugs recovered by police over the weekend.

Officers conducting traffic checks near the junction of Union Street and Parsons Road, Pembroke, shortly after 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, 14th October 2023, signalled a motorcycle rider to stop.

The rider ignored the officers and rode in a dangerous manner along Parsons Road before entering the City of Hamilton.

Officers followed the subject, who made his way to Bulls Head car park, where he abandoned the bike and was eventually arrested, as he attempted to leave the area on foot.

The subject was searched and found to be in possession of several small twists containing suspected cannabis and cannabis resin, a scale, a quantity of cash, as well as a knife.

A subsequent search of the man’s residence resulted in the recovery of a quantity of suspected controlled drugs, drug equipment and cash.

The suspect is expected to appear before the courts in due course.

Two Males Arrested in Connection With Latest P-Tech Burglary

Mon, 2023-10-09

Shortly after 3:45 a.m. on Monday, October 9th, police officers on mobile patrol in the City of Hamilton, were alerted to suspicious activity at the P-Tech Electronics retail store. Officers attended the location and found the front door damaged. A search was made of the immediate area when officers observed a person dressed in dark clothing heading towards Par-La-Ville Park.

The subject got on a motorcycle and fled upon seeing police.

Several units responded and the subject, a 19-year-old male, was eventually arrested and transported to Hamilton Police Station.

A search of Par-La-Ville Park resulted in the arrest of a second suspect, a 28-year-old male, as well as the recovery of several electronic items believed to be stolen during the burglary.

“The BPS continues to work in partnership with the business owners of properties that have been recently targeted.”

“Some of the strategies being explored with the business owners are “Target Hardening” and “Early Notification and Response/Alerts."

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact the Criminal Investigations Unit at 247-1744.

Operation Hallikar: Contraband Seized, Two Arrested

Fri, 2023-10-06

On Thursday, 5th October, 2023, police conducted a joint Operation dubbed, “Operation Hallikar”, with HM Customs.

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) Drugs Unit were called in after Customs Officers intercepted a shipment found to contain the controlled drugs cocaine, with an estimated street value in excess of BDA $180,000.

The BPS, Tactical Division and Drug Unit officers led by Detective Inspector Nidol Barker, later arrested a 40-year-old female, and a 36-year-old man in relation to this matter, and executed search warrants in Southampton Parish.

Acting Detective Superintendent, Sherwin Joseph, the officer currently in charge of the Crime Division stated: “This seizure has prevented a substantial amount of harmful drugs from being distributed into our community. We continue to work collaboratively with Customs, to identify and disrupt the importation and distribution, of illicit drugs on our island."

No further information will be provided at this time. The BPS Drugs Unit continues investigations into this incident.

Addressing Antisocial Behaviour After School in the City of Hamilton

Fri, 2023-10-06

As part of ongoing efforts to address the issue of anti-social behaviour involving schoolchildren in the City of Hamilton, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), will be working in partnership with the Ministry of Education, private schools and shopkeepers in and around the Washington Mall area of the City of Hamilton with a view to reducing the incidences of anti-social behaviour.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Operations) Martin Weekes stated, “the BPS are aware that it is a small minority of students from schools across the island that are causing these problems and not the majority of students or one individual school. We do not wish to be seen to blame all schoolchildren for the behaviour of a few or one school above others. The BPS will be working with all the schools to identify anyone seen on cameras to be committing offences and to put solutions in place.

Meetings are being arranged with the various stakeholders to discuss additional approaches which can be used to bolster measures which are already in place. Measures already implemented include school visits to talk about the avoidance of negative activity, peer mediation involving our dedicated school’ officer, as well as regular foot patrols within the City of Hamilton particularly in areas such as the bus terminal and Washington Mall, where students tend to gather.

The Ministry of Education as well as private school administrators have committed to meetings commencing next week to discuss options available.

However, key to the success of all this is the active involvement of parents. Parents are urged to make every effort to ensure their children are at home within a reasonable time following the dismissal of school and not simply “hanging out” in the city.

We appreciate some students are involved in extra-curricular activities come the end of the school day which may entail being in the city for some period. The focus should still be on ensuring they are out of the city and making their way home in as short a time as circumstances allow.

This is a community issue that we are all charged with addressing.

Let’s work together to ensure success."

Somerset Police Station Public Phone Service Disrupted

Thu, 2023-10-05

Please be aware that the station phone located outside the Somerset Police Station, which is used by members of the public to call for service after hours, is currently out of service.

Efforts are being made to have the service restored as quickly as possible.

In the interim, persons attending the Somerset Police Station seeking assistance are advised to call 295-0011 and we will respond accordingly.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Advisory on Proposed Protest

Thu, 2023-10-05

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is aware of a voicemail circulating via WhatsApp promoting acts of violence at a proposed protest against increased electricity costs.

Martin Weekes, Assistant Commissioner of Police, advised: “While the Bermuda Police Service acknowledge the right to protest, we urge that any such action be taken in a peaceful manner. Should the protest materialise, our officers will be on hand to ensure the safety of participants as well as other members of the public.”

“That notwithstanding, anyone engaging in violence or anti-social behaviour before, during or after the event, can expect to be dealt with according to the dictates of the law.”

“While a date and time has not yet been identified for the staging of this protest, the BPS has already begun implementing measures to address and deal with any eventuality which may arise.”

“Again, members of the public will not be prevented from engaging in protest action, but they must do so in a peaceful and lawful manner.”

Inquiries Ongoing After Students’ Anti-Social Behaviour in Washington Mall

Thu, 2023-10-05

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is aware of a video, showing two female students fighting at Washington Mall with other students spectating, circulating on social media and request that members of the public refrain from sharing the video further.

Instead, anyone with relevant information regarding the circumstances or students involved is encouraged to call 211, or provide the information via the BPS community reporting portal at

The BPS commends the actions of adults in the area that did their best to separate the two female students involved in the altercation and can confirm that this incident took place around 4pm Wednesday, 4th October 2023, after a large group of students from various schools congregated at the City of Hamilton property.

Police officers responded to the location shortly after and dispersed the large group of students.

Inquiries into Wednesday’s display of anti-social behaviour are ongoing and dialogue continues with relevant stakeholders about perennial concerns regarding students congregating in the City of Hamilton after school.



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