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Breaking & Entering

Sun, 2005-06-19

At 6:05 this morning, Police attended a reported breaking and entering at Vibe on Burnaby Street in the City of Hamilton. Around 6am a member of the public called Police after observing a man dressed in dark clothing enter the store and then exit with shopping bags and a knapsack.


Sat, 2005-06-18

Around 10:50pm on Saturday, Police attended the Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club in Hamilton parish after a reported disturbance. On arrival officers spoke with the victim, a 35 year old Pembroke man, who stated that he was outside the club when three men approached him. One of the men proceeded to punch him about the head, and a struggle ensued.


Thu, 2005-06-16

At 10:40pm on Thursday, Police attended a reported robbery at the junction of Bourne Drive and Tuckers Drive in St. George’s. On arrival officers spoke with the victim, a 46 year old Pembroke man, who stated that he arrived in the area to deliver a pizza.

Handbag Snatch

Wed, 2005-06-15

At 7:40pm on Wednesday, Police attended a reported handbag snatch on Pitts Bay Road in Pembroke, near the junction with Bermudiana Road. On arrival officers spoke with the victim, who is an American visitor to the island. She stated that she was walking along Pitts Bay Road with friends when a man rode by on an auxiliary cycle and grabbed her purse. He then made good his escape traveling west.

Damage Only RTC/Impaired Driving

Tue, 2005-06-14

At 9:45pm on Tuesday, Police attended a reported damage only road traffic collision at the junction of Church Street and Burnaby Street in the City of Hamilton. It appears that a Mazda car was traveling north on Burnaby Street and a Suzuki jeep was traveling east on Church Street when they collided at the junction.

Sudden Death

Mon, 2005-06-13

The Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the death of 58 year old William Massop. It appears that Mr. Massop went swimming off the North Shore at Spanish Point Park in Pembroke around 5:50pm on Monday. He was located by a member of the public a short time later on the sea floor. The body of the Pembroke man was brought to land and CPR performed, but the victim was unresponsive.

Counterfeit Currency

Sun, 2005-06-12

At 2:05am on Sunday, Police attended the East Broadway Shell Service Station on Crow Lane in Pembroke after a report of two counterfeit U.S. $50 dollar bills being passed. It appears that around 11pm on Saturday, a man approached the cashier to pay for his gas and handed her a U.S. $50 dollar note. The suspect was given his change and then left the Service Station.



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