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Mon, 2005-08-08

Around 11:45pm on Monday, Police attended a report of a car on fire at a Harrington Sound Road, Smith’s parish residence. On arrival officers spoke with the complainant who stated that he parked his vehicle outside the residence around 8pm. At 11pm another occupant of the residence informed the complainant that the blue Mitsubishi Pajero was ablaze. As a result, the vehicle sustained rear end damage.

Sudden Death

Mon, 2005-08-08

At 8:30 this morning, Police attended a report of a medical emergency at the junction of Court Street and Elliot Street in Pembroke. The victim, a 68 year old Pembroke man, was found at his Elliot Street residence lying in bed in an unresponsive state and was later pronounced dead at the scene by an on call physician. Foul play has not been ruled out.


Sun, 2005-08-07

Around 2:25 this morning, Police received a report of a robbery on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish, outside the Dub City Variety store. It appears that the victim, a 52 year old Pembroke man, was sitting on his motorcycle in the area around 12:30am when a group of men approached him. Two of the men are known to the victim.


Sat, 2005-08-06

At 8:50pm on Friday, Police attended a reported robbery in the garden at the junction of Middle Road and Burnt House Hill in Warwick. The victim, a 71 year old Sandy’s parish man, stated that he was bending over gardening when he was approached by an unknown man who pushed him to the ground and demanded money.


Thu, 2005-08-04

At 1:20 this morning, Police attended a reported theft from an unattended vehicle on Park Road in Pembroke. On arrival officers spoke with the complainant who stated that sometime between 9:40pm on Thursday and 1am today an unknown culprit gained entry into his car. The culprit stole a grey Sony DVD Handycam, a silver Nikon digital camera and an unknown amount of coins.


Thu, 2005-08-04

It has recently been brought to the attention of the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), the developing and dangerous trend of persons projecting fiery streams from various aerosol cans or other apparatus at public events, indoors and outdoors. The BPS is concerned about such practices posing a real threat to public safety.


Wed, 2005-08-03

Around 11:55pm on Wednesday, Police attended a reported disturbance on Middle Town Road in Pembroke. On arrival officers observed a crowd of approximately 50 people in the area. As officers in Police vehicles drove through the area several bottles were thrown, causing damage to the windscreen of one of the Police vehicles.



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