RFC 83 Underway: 14 Student Officers Recently Sworn In

Wed, 2024-03-13

One week ago, a swearing-in ceremony for Recruit Foundation Course (RFC) 83 was held at Bermuda Police Service (BPS) Headquarters Training Centre, 1:15pm Wednesday (6th March 2024).

As is tradition, the Commissioner of Police, along with members of the BPS Senior Leadership Team and Training Centre staff, officially inducted the newest recruits.

The 14 student officers of RFC 83 are:

PC 2600 Utsav Bansal

PC 2601 Anasia Barclay

PC 2602 Rachel Benedict

PC 2603 Ashley Berkeley

PC 2605 Chante James

PC 2606 Amoy Johnson-Smith

PC 2607 Tyler Kendall

PC 2608 Holly Lavigne-Smith

PC 2609 Logan Alexander

PC 2610 Dragan Pavkovic

PC 2611 Suraj Nair

PC 2612 Tahirah Simmons

PC 2613 Jah-Kintae Williams

PC 2614 Krislyn Lambert

Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons, the BPS Senior Leadership Team as well as the Training Centre staff, welcome the latest officers-in-training to the BPS family and wish them all the best in their future policing careers.

Seated, left to right: Sergeant Kimberly Cowper, Inspector Derrick Golding, Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels, Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police James Howard, Commissioner’s Staff Officer Charlene Thompson.

Standing front row, left to right: PC 2600 Utsav Bansal, PC 2611 Suraj Nair, PC 2606 Amoy Johnson-Smith, PC 2603 Ashley Berkeley, PC 2614 Krislyn Lambert, PC 2612 Tahirah Simmons, PC 2613 Jah-Kintae Williams, PC 2608 Holly Lavigne-Smith, PC 2605 Chante James, PC 2214 Julia Swan (BPS Training Centre staff) PC 2609 Logan Alexander.

Standing back row, left to right: PC 2607 Tyler Kendall, PC 2602 Rachel Benedict, PC 2601 Anasia Barclay, PC 2152 Shannon Trott (BPS Training Centre staff).

Missing from photo: PC 2610 Dragan Pavkovic.