Residents Urged to Remain Vigilant for Online & Phone Scams

Fri, 2024-01-05

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) continues to urge residents to remain vigilant regarding online scams and phone scams. While such scams are always evolving, most use similar tactics involving social engineering, which can be defined as all techniques aimed at persuading someone to reveal specific information or perform a specific action, for illegitimate purposes.

Air of Legitimacy, Enticement & Pressure to Act Quickly

Be extremely wary of any unexpected correspondence sent from official-looking e-mail addresses, offering cash or other prizes. Similarly, it is wise to be suspicious of any e-mail claiming that an online account will be locked/deleted, or has been compromised.

Fraudsters often call/text suddenly using similar methods, portraying themselves as an official representative of a local bank or an authorised agent of a well-known global company. In addition, an unreasonably short deadline is almost always imposed by the con artists, making it more likely that unsuspecting individuals will provide their personal information, i.e. names, birth date, banking details and login credentials.

Red Flags

Emphasis on the need to take action urgently.

Unexpected e-mails from unknown/random senders that require clicking on any links or attachments.

Offers via call, text, e-mail or social media that seem too good to be true – especially those that require submitting personal information to claim.

Practical Tips

Don’t install any software recommended by an unknown caller or e-mail sender.

Hang up on callers who ask for personal information and either call the business to confirm if there is a problem, or contact the police for advice.

If possible, use two-step verification for important online accounts.

Check your bank account(s) regularly for any unusual activity.

Don’t click on links and attachments in e-mails from unknown senders.

Report any suspected fraud to the relevant bank and the police immediately.

Family members and friends are urged to update their senior citizen relatives with this information, as seniors are often targeted by swindlers.

To make a police report regarding suspected fraud, please call 211 or visit the BPS community reporting portal at