Commissioner Simons Addresses Firearm Incident at Divots Bar & Grill

Wed, 2022-05-11

As the investigation into the firearm incident which occurred yesterday at Divots progresses, the Bermuda Police Service wishes to thank those members of the public who have thus far. Thank you for providing statements, or otherwise sharing information with detectives.

We urge those individuals who have information about the incident but have not yet come forward, to please do so. I cannot sufficiently stress how important it is for you to work with your police service to combat this kind of behaviour which puts all our lives at risk.

On the question of risk, not long after yesterday’s incident, individuals began sharing a video clip and an image of the off duty police officer, who attempted to apprehend the suspect.

Sharing that video clip and image could quite possibly put the safety and wellbeing of both that officer and those present at risk. What’s more, it could negatively impact the investigation by revealing information which investigators would not want publicised at that time.

I am grateful for the brave actions of the officer and how the recovery of the firearm will advance the investigation and significantly reduce future harm in the country.

I should also make the point that the preservation of life and property must always remain our main objective. Thus, I wish to advise the public that should you find yourself faced with a similar situation, you should always take actions that maximise your safety and avoid confrontation with the perpetrator.