BPS Driver Training Courses Advisory for All Road Users

Wed, 2024-02-14

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) Driver Training Unit currently has several driver training courses in progress.

All involve the use of police cars and police motorcycles, at times travelling at high speeds, on our roads.

The police car and motorcycle training started Monday, 12th February 2024, with this latest training scheduled to be completed by Friday, 8th March 2024.

BPS driver training currently underway includes three-week standard, response and advanced car courses, as well as a three-week standard BPS motorcycle course.

A two-week instructors in car course is also underway.

Use of emergency equipment (lights and sirens) will depend on the training objective.

Members of the public can recognise the BPS car driver training vehicles by the training plate at the front and rear of the police vehicle.

Trainee BPS motorcyclists will be wearing high visibility vests.

Road users are reminded to give way and exercise caution when they encounter BPS driver training vehicles, just as they would any emergency vehicle.