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Handbag Snatch

Wed, 2005-05-04

At 11:35pm on Wednesday, Police on mobile patrol on Mullet Bay Road in St. George’s received a report of a handbag snatch. The victim, a 72 year old female American visitor to the island, stated that she was walking along Mullet Bay Road when she noticed a man walking up the hill in her direction. When he got closer he lunged at her, grabbing her purse.


Wed, 2005-05-04

Around 2:45 this morning, Police attended a reported alarm activation at an Ocean Lane, Pembroke residence. Police searched the surrounding area and located the suspect, a 27 year old St. George’s man. He was subsequently arrested for suspicion of attempted breaking and entering, taken to the Hamilton Police station and detained.


Tue, 2005-05-03

Around 2:55pm on Tuesday, Police arrested a 26 year old Pembroke man for suspicion of possessing a controlled drug on Parsons Road in Pembroke. The man was also found with several items of jewelry on his person. Inquiries are underway.


Mon, 2005-05-02

At 10am on Monday, Police received a report of an assault. The victim, a 24 year old Pembroke woman, stated that she was outside Swinging Doors nightclub on Court Street in Pembroke around 2:30am on Monday when she was approached by the suspect, a 19 year old St. George’s woman. It appears that the two women were talking to each other when the St.

Injury RTC

Sun, 2005-05-01

Around 10pm on Sunday, Police attended a reported road traffic collision resulting in injury on Khyber Pass in Warwick. It appears that a silver motorcycle was traveling south on Khyber Pass when it was in collision with an unknown vehicle which did not stop. As a result the rider of the motorcycle, a 57 year old Warwick man, sustained facial injuries and a broken leg.

Witness Appeal

Sat, 2005-04-30

Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to a serious road traffic collision that occurred around 10:45pm Friday, at the junction of Dundonald Street and Cedar Avenue in Pembroke involving an auxiliary cycle and a Police vehicle that claimed the life of 21 year old Michael Scott Kozma. The investigation into the death of Mr. Kozma is moving very well.

Injury RTC

Fri, 2005-04-29

At 10:45pm on Friday, Police attended a reported serious road traffic collision resulting in injury at the junction of Dundonald Street and Cedar Avenue in Pembroke involving an auxiliary cycle and a Police vehicle.



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