Retail Sector/ Restaurant Covid-19 Physical Distancing Compliance

Wed, 2020-05-06

The Bermuda Police Service has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to work on ways to help patrons and owners at reopened businesses, abide by the new regulations in the area of physical distancing and wearing of protective face-masks when shopping. 

Yesterday, the Parish Constables from the Community Policing Division of the Bermuda Police Service visited restaurant and retail locations island wide, to speak with business owners and patrons to advise on the new regulations and Government guidance.

We are happy to report that for the most part, business were doing their part by placing markers 6 feet apart, displaying signage and had staff monitoring the lines to enforce physical distancing and the wearing of masks.

During the weekend, there were a number of reports made to the Covid Portal as well as on Social Media that some retail establishments and restaurants were not being compliant with the Covid-19 Regulations.

The Bermuda Police Service has been in contact with these premises and we are satisfied that they have now taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance with Covid-19 Regulations.

 We will continue to work with our partners at Chamber of Commerce as well visiting establishments across the island to ensure compliance. We would like to say thank you to all the establishments who have already taken the necessary measures to keep us all safe. For those business who are not in compliance, please follow the example of those who have.

 We also ask that members of the public adhere to rules and guidelines set in place by business establishments. We all need to do our part if we wish to move on to the next phase of reopening.


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