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Investment Scam

Wed, 2006-02-22

The Bermuda Police Service Fraud Unit is aware of a new investment scam that is currently in circulation around the island. The letter, which appears to be from a European country, encourages the recipient to invest in teak plantations through the 'Prime Forestry Group' of Switzerland.

Breaking & Entering

Tue, 2006-02-21

Around 8:25pm on Tuesday, Police attended a reported breaking and entering at a Harbour Road, Paget residence. On arrival officers spoke with the complainants who stated that sometime between 8am and 7:15pm that day, an unknown culprit gained entry into their home. The culprit stole a silver Samsung flat screen TV and a black bag.

Injury RTC

Mon, 2006-02-20

At 4:15pm on Monday, Police attended a reported road traffic collision resulting in injury on Collectors Hill in Smith's parish near the junction with Hermitage Road involving a motorcycle and a pedestrian. It appears that the motorcycle was traveling north on Collectors Hill when the pedestrian, a 9 year old Hamilton parish boy walking south on Collectors Hill, attempted to run across the road.

Police Notice Pattern of Breaking & Entering in Warwick & Paget

Mon, 2006-02-20

The Bermuda Police Service has noticed a pattern of housebreaks in Warwick. There have been 4 housebreaks in Warwick this month, three of which occurred in the Keith Hall Road area during the afternoon of Valentine's Day and one the following evening at a nearby Harbour Road, Warwick residence.


Sun, 2006-02-19

At 4:45pm on Sunday, Police attended a reported theft from the City Hall car park (Victoria Street side) in the City of Hamilton. On arrival officers spoke with the complainant who stated that around 4:30pm she parked her car in the parking lot.


Sat, 2006-02-18

At 1:40pm on Saturday, Police attended a reported theft from Horseshoe Bay beach on South Road in Southampton. On arrival officers spoke with the complainants who are visitors to the island. They stated that around 12:40pm they were at Jobson's Cove and left their knapsack unattended on the beach to look inside a nearby cave. However, when they returned the bag was missing.

Damage Only RTC

Thu, 2006-02-16

At 5:50pm on Thursday, Police attended a reported damage only road traffic collision on South Road in Southampton near Turtle Place, involving two cars. It appears that a car was traveling west on South Road when the driver, an 84 year old Southampton woman, lost control and collided with a parked car.



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